Monday, April 17, 2023

SOAPBOX: April 2023 ARS Spartan Sprint


Only heard a couple ops on 20m and fortunate enough to work Will, NQ2W with his booming signal but then everyone went home.  Something I said?  Went down to 40m where there was more, but not a lot, of activity. Happy for four more good contacts there with good ops.  Maybe I need to try salt water on my wet string antenna?  Thanks to the extensive staff of A.R.S. for the fun again this month.  72/73 … Don


I heard someone calling CQ SP so I looked it up and decided to jump in. My rig tonight was a 20M QCX Mini with a homemade cootie, a 3-cell 14500 Lion battery pack and some earbuds. The antenna was my ground-mounted 6BTV. Total weight: 1.0 lb. I'll definitely set aside more time next month and probably use the KX1 to get more bands.


40 meters opened up like crazy for the Sprint. Propagation was excellent to the whole eastern half of the US and signals were loud. Lots of new calls in the log tonight and also lots of old friends, both of which made me happy.


Was distracted and got on halfway through. Action seemed concentrated on 40M  so met up with several of the QRP faithful. Thanks for the QSOs and see you on the other QRP events this week 72, Andy


About the same as last month, only different.   Starting on time is a big help.  Lots of players this month.  The rig is the same Steve Weber KD1JV AT  Sprint III  along with the ear phone,  single cell LiPo with a boost and homemade paddles.  There is a light rain and the noise conditions have improved greatly since this afternoon.  I stayed on 40 meters and plan to venture into other bands next month, at the expense of  more weight with additional band filters.   In order to make my battery last the duration for May, I will probably operate more S & P. This month my longest DX was Dan - K0HNL in MA  +/- 880 miles, and the shortest was John - K4BAI 128 miles away in Columbus, GA. 72 to all and thanks for the fun. Phil, K4PQC


This was my first Sprint. MTR-4B and a little homebrew key into 80m EFHW. Halfway through before I realized I should have been on a 9V instead of the heavy and partially discharged 18650 pack that was giving me just 3 watts. Fun event. I'll be back.


It was good to be back in the sprints after not being able to participate the last few months. The rig was the K3 at 5W, antenna was a ground mounted vertical. Started on 20 hoping to snag some West Coast stations, but worked NY and MS. After 20 minutes went to 40 and stayed there as my antenna will not do 80. Thanks to Gene, N5GW, as my only two-bander. Hope to be back on next month. Thanks to everyone for the Q's!  73 de Dave


Only WB5BKL on 20M. No other activity heard there. 40M was quite active and I worked 17 stations there including WB5BKL for a two-bander. Only station heard and not worked was N8HWV.  Most activity was in the US ninth call area, especially Indiana. Called CQ SP on 80M for about 50 minutes with no answers and never heard another caller there. Thanks for the QSOs.  72, John, K4BAI.


9 contacts on 20m, 6 on 40m. I had 3 other QSOs but they were with QRO stations and not included in my count. 20 and 40 seemed to be pretty good with a little QRN on 40. I excused myself early to watch the NCAA Men's Basketball Final. Thanks for the contacts and I hope you hear me next month! 72, Will, NQ2W


All of my QSOs were on 40m.  I went into "Battery Conservation Mode" this month.  It is hard to get 2 hours from a 500mAH battery whenever running 5 watts.  So, not so many CQs.  And if I was brief when I worked you, that is why.  It worked.  My battery faded on my last contact that I made at 0155z  Purpose built 40m QCX Mini, small 500mAH LiPo battery pack, small 3D printed key, and ear buds.  40m Dipole at 25'. 73 - Jody - K3JZD


Short and sweet April Spartan Sprint.  Was on 7030 QRP calling frequency briefly due to social conflicts. Non-SP QRM was pretty bad but did make two nice contacts - one QRP and another casual QSO with 80 Watt station.  Lots of fun.  Lord willing will see you all next month.


Had a good time and band conditions on 40 meters were excellent at my location but didn’t hear much on 80 or 20.   I made twice as many contacts as my previous high so I guess things were working pretty well.  I noticed more stations running less than 5 watts this time, but sure couldn’t tell it from the signal strength.  Also heard a number of new calls that I have not heard in the past.  Hope that everyone turns in their report.  I made contacts in 9 States this month which is fun also.  I look forward to next month. 73,  Steve, WA9CWE


I had my K1 at 2 watts on a doublet antenna using a small LiPO battery


K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp or a dipole. 7 states this time.  Best signals: 20 & 40M - K4BAI. Unusually fast and deep QSB here made copy 'interesting'. Always great to work several ops running 3W. Had fun.


Short time to play. Signals were great. - Nathan




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