Saturday, May 6, 2017

RESULTS: May 2017 ARS Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: May 2017 ARS Spartan Sprint

Nice to hear 20 meters open this evening but didn’t sound like many others discovered it for the Sprint.  40m was really noisy here in Florida this evening and not many Spartan Sprinters there — OR I couldn’t hear them.  Chased W1PID Jim and N5EBD unsuccessfully. Maybe next time. Thanks for the fun evening.  72/73 … Don

I was surprised at the number of stations I heard tonight.  After a long dry spell of only 2 or 3 contacts during the Spartan Spring, it was refreshing to total up numbers in the teens again!  Thank you to those folks that suffered through my “AGN AGN” replays.  There was just enough fading to cover up a couple of letters in your calls.  Maybe we’re back on the road to decent propagation.  73, Joe W5QLF

Started late and ended early. 5 on 40, and 1 on 80 - thanks for the Q's. Kx2 & vertical.

20 and 40m both in good shape. WB5BKL and W5QLF two bandsers tonight. Sorry, Drew/K9QV  tough copy noise and QSB caught you at the same place every time...finally got it right...thanks. Lots of fun, 72, Gary/KF7WNS

A good evening with the KX2, internal battery, and paddles feeding a Force 12 C4SXL at 60 feet. Good first half hour on 20 m with 7 Qs, then good second half hour on 40 with 7 more Qs. Not so good last hour on 40 for a total of 11 Qs on 40.  WB5BKL, K9QV, and KF0N were two band catches. The internal battery was on its last leg at 10.0 V on transmit after starting with a full charge. Just right for a Spartan Sprint. Catch many of you again in June.

Tired after operating Florida QSO Party with W8UE as W4AN/M. Only operated 30 minutes in SP..  Good activity for a change.  QSOs per Band:  40: 7.  80: 2.  Heard, but could not work N0TA on 80M.  73/72, John, K4BAI

Hey, what a night!  I was listening to my new rig, an IC-7200, when I checked 14,060 kHz for grins just to see if there was any activity in the May Sprint (participation in past months has seemed to have been fairly sparse).  Wow, the old S-meter really jumped!  Lots of great signals; my first QSO was with Randy, K7TQ, who sported a good S-5 to S-7  signal.  After 5 QSO’s, the band seemed to fold so I went down to 40M and worked more stations through the Spring QRN.  Forty yielded ten more contacts, the most notable being N8WE who was running only 1-watt!  Nice going Glen!  Guess I’m going to have to take my little ATS-1 out of mothballs for the June Sprint; then I won’t have to enter in the “Tubby” division!  I only worked an hour but what fun!  Nice to see you all.  If anyone needs Iowa confirmed, I’m good for it.  72’s to all who pulled me out of their local QRN! Larry, KF0N

5 Q's on 20, 2 on 40, for 4 states. 40 was noisy.  MY thanks to all, 73 Walt 

K3/10 @ 5W to a 20M delta loop, a 40M dipole or a 40M extended double Zepp.  Finally, some propagation. In the middle of the session, I suddenly lost the CW sidetone - which resulted in my sending even more gibberish than I normally send. I found the problem about 20 minutes later, but will send my apologies to N5EBD for the very strange QSO.  Best signals:  20M - KF0N, 40 and 80M - K4BAI.  10 States this time but no 3-banders.  K9QV(?) was the most difficult QSO.  My thanks, and best regards to all. Had fun.

Reduced weight by using smaller battery and homebrew key. Had some key problems, but was able to fix after an hour. Battery was VERY low by the end. Still managed more contacts than last month.  No contacts on 80m.  72 de Drew.

Monday, May 1, 2017

So, What's a Spartan Sprint, and How Do I Play?

Spartan Sprints are two-hour gatherings sponsored by the Adventure Radio Society, held the first Monday of every month. The Spartan Sprints have a unique, three-faceted focus. They encourage outdoor operation with back country radio gear (if outdoor operation isn't practical, home-based operation is fine). They gather fascinating information about the upper atmosphere, documenting how low power signals can travel long distancs. And they encourage the growth of a like-minded community of amateur radio operator who generously share their knowledge and experiences.

Which Bands?

Bands of operation are 80 meters, 40 meters, 20 meters, 15 meters and 10 meters. You may operate any number of bands - your choice. Many Spartan Sprint operators gravitate to the QRP CW calling frequencies on these bands.

Equipment and Antennas

Spartan Sprinters use 5 Watts or less. We encourage you to experiment with 1 Watt or less. You will be surprised at how effective these low levels can be, and how much fun QRPp really is. Similarly, we encourage you to experiment with simple wire antennas. And we encourage Sprinters to use equpment they built from "scratch" - that is, equipment built from schematics.


Exchange RST, SPC (state, province or country) and power output. If you choose to call CQ, use the format "CQ SP," or "CQ QRP TEST." You can give yourself credit for working the same station on a second, third, or fourth band.

What Is the Weight of My Station?

The weight of your station is determined by weighing everything at your operating position up to, but not including, your feedline and antenna. In other words, your rig, key, keyer, antenna tuning unit, battery, headphones and so on. 

Submit Your Spartan Sprint Log

Please send the following information in an email to:
  • Your call sign
  • Total number of contacts during Sprint
  • The weight of your station (in pounds - includes all gear except antenna and feedline)
  • Soapbox comments about your Sprint experience

Check Out the Spartan Sprint Results

The results of each month's contest appear on the Friday following each month's first-Monday Sprint. They are posted here on this website. You can find results from previous months here, as well.
- Richard Fisher, KI6SN

Friday, April 7, 2017

RESULTS: April 2016 ARS Spartan Sprint

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

SOAPBOX: April 2016 ARS Spartan Sprint

I know I missed a couple, but didn't hear many Spartan Sprinters on 40 meters tonight.  The band sounded good otherwise, however. Hope to see/hear you all next month.  Thanks for the fun.  72/73 ... Don

20M open to New England at start, but no activity and no answers to CQs.  40M was good to most of the country, but not much activity.  Sorry to lose N3FCS in the QSB.  80M had very strong QRN and only two TX QSOs on that band.  QSOs by band: 40M:  10.  80M: 2. Total time about 1 hour 10 minutes.  Other time was spend on CW traffic nets. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

A good first hour with one Q on 20 from ID to IN then 9 Qs on 40 with best DX of NJ.  N9QV caught me on both 20 and 40.  Second hour not so good with only CA on 40 then nothing on 80 for next 55 minutes. Still, it was better than last month.

Finally finished homebrew 3 bander.  2 contacts on 20m, 3 on 40m.  Heard K4BAI on 80m, but couldn't catch him.  Lots of QRN on 80m.  Got K7TQ on 2 bands.  Fun!  ... 72 de Drew

No QSO's on 20 mtrs. On 40 managed to pull out out 4 stations from the QRN, one being non QRP. After an hour my eardrums needed a break. I expect I may have missed calls because of the noise. Thanks 72/73, Walt

Incoming weather made hearing difficult. 40 & 80m were tough with lots of crashes. 20m seemed dead. Worked all contacts on 40m. Did manage K7TQ in Idaho. Used my KX3 with internal batteries and new QRPGuys iambic paddle attached to minimize weight (my N3ZN comes in at 3lbs!). Hopefully things are quieter next month. Tnx for the fun! 72, Chris

The power was off due to storms & nine inches of rain. I had the K1 on a Lipo battery to a CFZ up 50 ft. Only 40M was used, because 20M was closed and 80M was very noisy.

K3/10 @ 5W to a 20M delta loop, a 40M dipole or a 40M extended double Zepp.  Well, better than last month - but just barely. After removing the 2 QRO QSOs, I had 1 on 20M, 3 on 40M and 2 on 80M. Best signals:  20M - N3FCS, 40M - N5GW, 80M - W5ACM. I think I heard at least two others calling me, but they were below ESP level.  I think I heard a 'Q' and later perhaps a 'D'.  I appreciate the efforts of everyone.  And, as always, had fun.

Great to be back with the Spartan Sprint! The ATS-3a was operating superbly with 3W out to the vertical, and my CW was acceptable, even without cleaning the copper contacts. Conditions on 20M were pretty good, but very localized, i.e. only ops to specific areas. The highlight of my brief ops on 20M was a QSO with N3FCS. He was running 1 Watt and sounded really good! 40M was OK, but the coverage was sparse and there were few takers – 3 contacts. Conditions on 80M were noisy but I managed two QSOS with WD5BKL and K4BAI. Hoping for better in May, but glad that we had something happening this month. Need more participants and better conditions!
72 de Andy W5ACM Houston, TX EL29eq

Saturday, March 11, 2017

RESULTS: March 2017 Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: March 2017 ARS Spartan Sprint

What a night! 40 minutes and 2 QSOs. Thanks to Dave N1IX for 80M and John K4BAI for 40M. Ran a K2 to a Windom OCF.  Jim W1PID

Only heard two Spartans on tonight, both on 40 meters.  Thanks to NØTA in Colorado and NK6A in California for coming back to me.  You know propagation is bad when you don’t even hear John, K4BAI in GA.

Feeling overly confident from the good conditions last month, I plunged into our March Spartan Sprint with great enthusiasm, only to be faced with a S-9 noise level.  I ran around the house turning things off between contacts hoping that something here was causing the heavy QRN until John K4BAI told me he had the same thing up there in GA.  Good to know.  Thanks, John. Sure there were others out there tonight, but I think they were hiding in the band noise -- as I was to them.  It is with much appreciation that I submit the five contacts garnered through the great patience and skill of our other A.R.S. Sprinters this evening.  Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Let's all hope for better conditions in April.   73/72 ... Don

20M dead.  40M: heard K7TQ, but he couldn't hear me calling. Heard and worked NK6A in CA and three stations in NH. Band very noisy. Thunderstorms approaching from the west.  80M: Worked FL, AL, TX, GA. QRN worse than on 40. Thanks for the QSOs.  72, John, K4BAI.

A rough night in ID, but had a good time with my new KX2.  The Noise Reduction really helped.  Qs only on 40 and 80 and no one made it on both bands. With DST next month, I hope to get out and away from home.


Bad conditions in CO. Worked the only three stations I heard, and they were very weak. Quit after about 30 minutes.  K3 @5w & vertical.  - 73, John

3 contacts for 2 states, FL (1) GA (2). 40m Band conditions were not very good here, I was not spotted on the Reverse Beacon net. QRN was a steady S2-3. The 3 stations worked were the only calls of sprinters heard, tnx K3RLL, K4BAI, KK4BNC.  72/73 Walt

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M dipole or a 40M extended double Zepp.  I seem to adrift in the doldrums.  After my contacts with the two Dons on 40M - K3RLL and NK6A - it was over an hour until I worked K4BAI on 80M.  I heard, but could not work, K7TQ and NØTA.  I can say with absolute confidence that the best signal I worked on 40 was from Don - and John's was the best on 80.  That's three QSOs. I sincerely hope that every sprinter had better luck than I did this month.  However, as always, I had fun.

Efforts on 80-meters from Southern California turned out to be an exercise in listening. Heard, but couldn't work, WB5BKL. He varied from 329 to ESP and was the only signal heard in high noise. Way to go, Nick! CU all in April's Spartan Sprint.