Friday, March 4, 2016

Soapbox: Historic 2016 Leap Day ARS Spartan Sprint

I only made 4-QSOs before the wind blew over the tipi! Click here to see a little video I made from Monday’s adventure!

Having an extra Spartan Sprint on Leap Year day sounded like a pretty neat idea to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear many Sprinters on tonight. 20m was dead here. 40m was pretty sparse.  Look for you all next week for the March Spartan Sprint.  Thanks … Don K3RLL

I only had half an hour to operate.  20 m was open for the first 20 minutes, at least, but I heard and worked only WB5BKL. Thanks to all who stopped by.

NE6SW (ARS Club Call)
Conditions on 40-meters Monday night were pretty challenging. Out of the noise I copied WB5BKL. He could hardly hear me, but stuck with it to complete the QSO. Thank you, Nick! Will look for everyone on March 7. Vy 73, Richard Fisher, KI6SN, 73 Radio Row,


Was a quiet night on the 'ol SP front . . . . Not much activity. A lot of the usuals were MIA. Maybe word did not get out? And prop did not seem to be so good either. Ran the K3 at 5w to 100' wire. Called on 20 for the first few min but got no takers and only one single spot on RBN. Moved to 40 and worked 8. SPC's were ID VA NC CA MN MD TX WA. But nearly all were quite weak. Then tried 80 but may have been a bit early for that band. Worked only 3. SPC's were GA MN FL. Only one two-bander and that was N0AR. Needed to go do something else for about 30 min. When I came back about 0330z called some on 40 and 80 but got no takers. More RBN spots on 80 than on 40. 80 seemed like it was the best band but few guys on there. Still an enjoyable evening, if a bit slow. 73 de dave ab9ca/4

Again, nothing on 20M, so concentrated on 40M. All Q’s with 40/30M Fan Dipole, tuned by the KX3.  Hopefully, next month will get 20M going.

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M dipole,40M extended double Zepp
or a 20M wire delta loop. 9 states on this Leap Year Monday Special. Best signals:  20M - NK6A, 40M - AB9CA, 80M - N5GW. Hope to hear all of you next week! ...  My thanks to all. Had fun.

Conditions were down right awful up here! One distant qso with NK6A on 20 meters. 40 meters was the work horse. Best signal went to WG0AT with a solid 579. Pretty good for 2 watts Steve. Rig KX3 using 43' vertical and 80 m loop. 72's Scott N0AR St. Paul, MN

Still using the ATS-3a with two 170 mAh LiPo batteries, providing 3W out to my antique 18AVQ vertical and a final total of FOUR QSOs for the Leap Day Event. For me, 20M was DEAD and 80M was way too noisy. Everything happened on 40M from my QTH. Many thanks to K7TQ, KK4BNC, N0AR and WA4ZOF for the contacts. Looking forward to the March Spartan Sprint – only days away! 72 de Andy W5ACM - Houston, Texas

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