Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soapbox: July 2016 ARS Spartan Sprint

QSO's 40M: 3, 20M: 4, for 6 states, working K4BAI on each band. I had wanted to try QRPp, but band conditions seemed weak, so went with the usual 5 watts. The Reverse Beacon Network showed my signals radiating poorly so was surprised to do as well as I did on 20M. As always it's pleasure to meet up with other QRP ops. in the various sprints. 73, Walt, KB1M

Nice to be here in rural PA for the summer with an actual outside antenna and some elevation.  While things started out slowly on 20m, they seemed to build up steadily on 40m this evening with lots of familiar calls and even a couple of Two-Fers, thanks to K4BAI and AB9CA.  Nice to run into W1PID and K2YGM again. Sometimes these QRP Sprints are like old home week. Many thanks to those who sponsor them for us. They’re worth twice what we’re paying them. (Smile)  72 … Don

Happy 4th of July to all! Fun way to spend a couple of hours. I know the dog appreciated being in the shack. KX3 @ 5W with 80 m NVIS loop or 43' vertical and lots of radials. A whole lot of TS qrn. 20 went out in a flash and 40 was shifting around a lot. K4BAI had the big signal most of the night. Best catch AA5B/M.  A lot of signals came and went away quickly. 72 Scott NØAR

15M was open to the North East at the start.  Only W2IX in NJ heard and worked. 20M was pretty good and 13 QSOs there from New England to Wis, to Ida, to Tx.  20 QSOs on 40M from New England to WI, MN, IA, ID, TX and NM and as close as FL and SC. Thanks for all QSOs.  Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July.  73/72, John, K4BAI.

Used KX3, Yagi & Rotatable Dipole QSB & noise on 40 made it tough. Missed at least a half dozen on 40. C U All again.

his was my first time back in the Spartan Sprint in a while and it was great to be back. The MTR kept the weight way down but kept me off of 80 meters at the end. I got only K4BAI on 20m at the start (how many ears does he have!?) and the rest of my contacts were on 40m. The most patient award goes to K7TQ in ID and it was great to hear a few new to me callsigns. The band was very noisy here and it made we wish for a gain knob!

Wasn't sure what the turnout might be with it being a holiday. But it was a fair turnout. Station was K3 at 5w to 100' wire. 21 total contacts with 12 on 20 and 9 on 40. Had only an hour before needing to do other things. SPC's on 20 were TX TN NH MN PA and ID. 3 TX, 4 NH, 2 PA. On 40 they were PA MN FL ID SC IA TX. 2 PA, 2 TX. 2 banders were WB5BKL, W5QLF, N0AR, K3RLL, N3FCS, and K7TQ. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and see ya'all next month. 73 de dave ab9ca/4

Armed with an 817 and just under 1W of RF, I tried my first Spartan Sprint in a LONG time. There was a lot of QRN and some QSB, so not the best evening for weak signal work, but I managed to get 3 stations on 20m and 3 on 40m.  Also heard a few others that I just couldn't pull out of the noise...maybe next time. Signals were low and noise was high, but special thanks to K4BAI in GA for sticking with me despite the conditions (and my stuttering fist).

Used the IC-7000 with OCF dipole. AB9CA was the only really strong station on 20M. K7TQ in Idaho was the best DX. Thanks gang for the QSOs. 73 Jim W1PID

A good first half hour on 20 then slow rest of the time on 20 and 40. Both mobiles, NØEVH/M and AA5B/M, were loud.  Got WB5BKL and K4BAI on both bands.

First timer, but have worked most of the sprint regulars in the past. I was trying out a new Elad DUO I bought a week ago. Thanks and 73, Doug K4LY

Rig ATS3, Zmatch to 88' doublet up 65'.  Started on 20m, found 5 stations by 9:30 PM EDT (0130Z), then broke for traffic net duty. After that, 20m seemed to be played out, and all I found on 40m were 13-Colonies stations who were only hearing QRO callers. No luck on 80m either.  Thanks to those who participated on this holiday evening!

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