Saturday, July 10, 2021

SOAPBOX: July 2021 ARS Spartan Sprint


I operated 12 minutes. 3 QSOs on 20. 4 QSOs on 40. Thanks everyone. 72 Jim W1PID



So great to be away from the hurricanes and be back in PA for the summer with a real, honest-to-goodness outdoor antenna for a change! Great propagation tonight also, with many solid-to-strong signals, 3 watts and up.  Delighted to make my 10 contacts in 29 minutes - a tribute to the skill of our Spartan Sprinters.  72/73 … Don



4 on 20m, 13 on 40m. Tnx for the Q's. K3 at 5 watts. Doublet & Vertical, GenLog.



I arrived about an hour late to the party and was glad the qrn hadn't left! 20 meters was marginal up here with 40 being the workhorse tonight. I ran the Kwd 590 at 5 watts and fed the 43' vertical. Rx was off the loop since the static crashes were pretty loud. Hope you all had a good Fourth of July. 72 Scott NØAR



Good weather here in Bishop, GA but not for long with a hurricane on her way....  I didn't hear any stations on 20 meters and most of the activity was on 40.  One station, W3KC, was worked both on 40 & 80.  A couple of stations answered my CQs but I couldn't pull them in...  Rig AT 3B @ 3W 160 Meter Loop at 25. Thanks to all for the Q's 72 Phil - K4PQC.



First sprint, did not hear any CQs so called CQ SP on 20m.



40m only.  Very little QSB and QRN this month.  Naked QCX transciever w/500 mAH LiPo Battery Pack running at 4w with K0MBT 3D Printed Mini-Mini Key and Earbuds to a 40m dipole up 25'.   73 - Jody - K3JZD



K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp or a 40M dipole. Worked NK6A on three bands - thanks Don!  Best signals:  15M - NK6A, 20M - NK6A, 40M - K4BAI, 80M - WA8ZBT. 80M seemed very noisy here. Two QRO QSOs not counted. Had fun.



Arrived late but was able to make a few contacts on 20, 40, and 80. IC-703 @ 5 watts into an end fed  wireup 24 feet.



Rig: Icom 7300 @ 5W. Antenna: Hustler 6BTV - Gnd Mounted with 60 Radials. Weight: 30 Lbs.



Enjoyed working WØITT with his 1W station, and 9 others. Most were heard on 40m, a few on 20m and 80m. Ran 3W to an 80m CF Zepp. 72 to all! Evan WA4AAK Alabama



Nice sprint tonight. 2 QSOs on 40 and 16 on 80. Two were on both bands, N0TA and NK6A. Called a lot of CQs on 80, but got no replies and heard no one else in the Sprint on 80. About one hour of actual operation. 73/72, John, K4BAI.



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