Friday, September 12, 2014

Results: September 2014 Spartan Sprint

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Soapbox: September 2014 Spartan Sprint

Wow! Twenty was great. I ran the first 4 QSOs. Bands very quiet and nice.

Signals were up and down from the Denver area. Mostly QSB but did manage to 
squeak out 15 Qs on 20m and 1 on 40m. Very noisy here on 40 though.

Many really strong signals on 20 meters this Labor Day holiday evening. Biggest signals into rural PA tonight were NQ2W and NK6A. Thanks for the fun and nice contacts.

I had a much better performance in this month's sprint!I worked as long as I could before the storms just got too close. I had 19 contacts with 12 different states and 2 different Canadian provinces. My station still weighs 25 pounds until I get my mobile back. Twenty meters had a lot of great signals but had QRN and 40 was really tough. Thanks for all of the calls and 
hopefully we will get to see everyone and some new ones next month!

Fifteen contacts in 10 states. I was trying to top Henry, W5HNS's numbers from the August Sprint but as usual I couldn’t even come close.  Nice going Henry with 29 Qs last month.  I must have worked K4BAI every time I’ve played on ARS Sprint.  He’s in my log 13 times at a 5 watt level.  Thank you, John for always being there. I actually worked two Texas stations on my Butternut HF-9V.  That antenna usually doesn’t work well locally.  WB5BKL and WA8ZBT both were kind enough to make contact on 40 and 80 meters giving me 4 Texas 
QSOs in the Spring.  Thanks fellows. A special thanks to Bob, KE7GKM for sticking with me to complete a QSO to Idaho this evening.  Nice work, Bob.

Only had 10 contacts tonight. Things dried up on 20 mtrs. for me about 0238Z. Running single band with my MTR2 at 4 watts to a tuned dipole at 28 feet. Whiterook paddle , earbuds and 370 mah lipo. Got out to California this time. Nice signal from NK6A. Last station worked was W1AW/7 in Arizona at 0238. Thanks for a fun evening everyone. See ya next month.

Thanks to WB5BKL, K4BAI, NK6A, and KØFL for this month's 20M Sprint QSOs. 72 from Arizona.

K1 at 5 W to a 2-element mini-beam at 25 ft for 10, 15, and 20 meters and an inverted V at 40 ft for 40 m. 20 meters was the money band with 15 QSOs. 40 meters was quiet with only 3 QSOs - all from NC. Two bander with W4VHH. Thanks for the contacts and thanks to the organizers.

Good activity on 20 and 40.  No answers to CQs and no sprinters heard on 80.  40 was noisy, particularly toward the end.  QSOs by band:  20M:  35.  40M:  9.  20M was still open for QSOs with KE7GKM in ID and WA8REI at the end of the Sprint period.  Thanks for all QSOs.

Twenty died just before start time. Went to 40 for the night. Band was quiet. Too quiet. No QRM. No QRN. No sigs almost. Tnx to stalwarts WB5BKL and K4BAI. Wouldn't be a sprint without them in the log. Had a call from WA5FAT in Alabama to round out the night. He called to get my SKCC number. Still a fun night. Bring on October! 72 from Houston.

It was a strange event. I got three contacts on 20M, three on 40M, and only one on 80M. Conditions were not the best and it sounded like a fair number of usual participants just were not there for the Labor Day event. Thanks to WB5BKL for 40M and 80M contacts – always a great signal. I barely got the ATS-3A charged up in time for the event, but it wasn’t enough of a charge to allow any CQ ops, just calls to others already calling CQ. Hoping for better conditions and more participants next month! 72 from Houston, TX.