Friday, July 6, 2018

RESULTS: July 2018 Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: July 2018 Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint

First time in the Spartan Sprint in a long, long time. Band conditions, meh. Stayed on 40M and took the first thirty minutes to find the activity. Finally worked K4BAI and WB5BKL for only two Qs of the night. Dropped out after an hour. Hope to be back next month and do a little better. 72/73 de Jeff, KE9V

Back in rural PA tonight and expecting great things, but such was not to be.  RBN reports tapered off through the first hour as did my contacts but I appreciate those who heard me on 40m.  See you next month.  72/73 … Don

KX3 on batteries with KK1B mini key and 40m Dipole.  40m Only.  Lots of QRN from storms tonight.   Could not pull one station out of the noise.   Jody - K3JZD

Nothing on 20M, but 3 Qs on 40M.  Heard a number of stations, but too weak to work.  Spots - we need sunspots.

Only 13 QSOs tonight, all but one (AB9CA) on 40M.  No answers to CQs and no sprint activity heard on 80. Thanks for all QSOs.  73/72, John, K4BAI.

Activity seemed to be up a bit, which is good. Started on 20 and worked a few but 40 was the main band despite being fairly noisy. WB5BKL was the only 2-bander. QSB was noticeable. Lost one or two due to that and it generated quite a few repeats. No one further west than TX. SPC's on 20 were GA ON TX TX and on 40 were PA IL PA TX PA PA NH FL TX. Where were the west coast stations? Rig was K3 at 5w to 56' Inv Vee up 40'. Fed by ladder line. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Hope to hear all of you along with a few new ones next month. 73 de dave  AB9CA

K2/10 @ 5W to a 20M delta loop, a 40M dipole or a 40M extended double Zepp (a near-miss lightning strike got the K3 again - sigh - but the K2 is always fun).  Tried 10, 15 and 80M with no joy. Only 4 states this time.  Best signals:  20M - WB9HFK, 40M - N5EM. 2-Banders with WB9HFK and AB9CA.  My thanks to all.  Had fun.

Hot weather, humidity, distractions, not my best effort, thanks for the QSO's. 73 Walt 


I was hoping for some good conditions this month, but it was not to be. Field Day was pretty good, but times change. I did get contacts with K4BAI, WB5BKL and N5EM – all via 40M. Lots of fun, but need more participants! 72 de Andy W5ACM, Houston, Texas.