Sunday, July 10, 2022

SCOREBOARD: July 2022 ARS Spartan Sprint


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SOAPBOX: July 2022 ARS Spartan Sprint


signals seemed good on both 20m and 40m this evening but something really good must have come on TV about 01:30z as the party moved somewhere and I didn't get my invitation.  ;-)   Big signals tonight into rural PA were AK3X and K3JZD but NK6A was stronger than I've ever heard him. While it seems like things dried up a little early tonight, it was fun!  Happy to be operating from PA again with a modest but actual, real, outdoor antenna up in the clear!  No HOA here!  72 .. Don


There were spartan pickings in my very first Spartan Sprint. Was giving it my all with SW40+ rig running 2W from LifePO4 battery amplified audio through my Oontz powered speaker. Antenna was dipole up about 45'. I searched but did not find a logging program dedicated to the SP. Is there one?  Like a logging program was even needed for 3 contacts. 72 all!


I was surprised to hear so many sigs on the band during the fireworks!  I worked several "new" calls; glad to see folks joining us. All my contacts were on 40 using my Argo V. There was one station, who really tried, I just couldn't pull out. If K2C had been spotted, on one of his rather infrequent appearances, I would have gone off chasing him. But no worries there. Hope everyone had a great 4th. 72, Don, K9DRP 


Icom 7300 to a Hustler 6BTV ground mounted with 60 radials. Thanks for administering ARS events. 72, Mark, WB9HFK


I was in Germany and missed June, so I was determined to run the sprint for July. In a word, it was terrible Monday night. I took my IC-705 up on the overlook in Franklin Mountain State Park. I started calling on 15m.  There were no RBN hits on 15m, but a local guy worked me. On 20m I got several stations, TX-PR-ID-NY-MO-GA. RBN hits showed coast to coast and Hawaii, but the noise was S-7+ and static crashes! There were others calling that I could just not pull out. SORRY. Only contact on 40m and 80m was the local guy. RBN said 40m was getting out. Something was up on 80m cause the 75-ft long-wire would not stay tuned. There were storms in the area. All was well as I set up. But the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico got an outflow from the south and set that wind going vertical on the southern slopes. That up-draft quickly turned into a near-by T-storm. I was watching it closely, but as it hit the southern tip of the Franklins in downtown El Paso the mountains deflected it to the east side. I was safe about 10 miles north on the western slope. I never felt a drop. The winds did pick up and cool me off some, that was nice. A lightning strike hit putting a portion of the city in the dark, but I'm retired so not my problem anymore. IC-705 with little battery and ยต-key = 2.5 pounds. 10 contacts.  Score = 4 QSOs per pound. Vy 73, Mike, KD5KC


Hunted for a bit and got 3 on 40m. Then called CQ SP for 20 minutes on 7.0315 with no takers. Went to bed. Call me tubby with the KX3 this time. Maybe I'll break out the ATS-3 next time. Mike, W1MT


I stayed on 40 meters the entire night. The band seemed to be in decent shape. My contacts started off slow but activity seemed to increase about 30 minutes into the contest. Station setup was the same as my prior Spartan Sprint contests except for a lighter weight transceiver this month. Antenna 80~10 meter EFHW, 12v 2.6mAh Li-ion, Apple Earbuds. Donnie / WA9TGT / Muncie, IN


Total No. Contacts: 7 (IN, NJ, VA, MA, IN, IL, NH, FL) My second Spartan Sprint. 14,060 was really quiet here in VA. Was on 7030 QRP calling frequency for two whole hours. Did great for an hour - CQ SP and almost all responses were Spartan Sprint QRP folks.The second hour was a surprise - no responses at all. The band was open and active, but no 7030 SP calls heard. I'll have to give some thought to my operating technique. Being rock bound, I thought calling CQ was the way to go and it worked for the first hour, but then nothing. Perhaps more tuning around, less calling.  Hopefully my 3560 xtal will arrive in time for next month's Sprint and I will be able to band hop some as well. See you next month. Dick, K4GUJ, Spotsylvania, VA


Low activity due to the holiday I guess.  I had to soothe a dog that did not like the fireworks with one hand while keying with the other hand.  All of my QSOs were on 40m.  Purpose built 40m QCX Mini, small 500mAH LiPo battery pack, small 3D printed key, and ear buds.  40m Dipole at 25'.    73 - Jody - K3JZD

Max, KD9NZB and Michael, AA9RK

Our QCX mini arrived a couple weeks ago and we were eager to try it out portable.  Unfortunately, thunderstorms changed our plan to operating portable in our backyard, and eventually drove us into the shack entirely, but with our portable setup. Along with the 40-meter QCX mini, we used a Talentcell battery, a travel double paddle, and the earbuds from my old iRiver mp3 player. Conditions were decent and the operators were all top-notch. Michael, AA9RK


I had fun on this Sprint and thanks for slowing down for me. I am only 10 years old and still working on my sending, so thanks to my dad AA9RK for helping me copy. "TU" and 72! Max, KD9NZB


K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp or a dipole.  Only 5 states this month.  Best signals:  20M - NK6A, 40M - WB9HFK.  One QRO QSO not counted. Only one double (NK6A).  Fun to work K9DRP @ 3W.  Never tried 80M.  Having some antenna issues with the 40M edZ.  Hope to have them repaired by next month.  Had fun.


Limited time this month due to the 13 Colonies Special Event station (K2G). Nice to catch 3 of the sprinters at the end of the period. All QSOs on 40M. 73/72, John, K4BAI


Nearby fireworks distracted me from starting almost 3/4 of an hour late.  I decided to stick with only 40 meters to shave weight from adding additional band filters.  A little slow at first and then contacts picked up and I started calling CW. I didn't hear too many nearby stations and those I heard didn't return my calls. The weather is warm and there are some nearby storms causing static crashes. The Rig is a modified Steve Weber - KD1JV  AT Sprint III, lightened earphone, paddles and a 250 ma 3 cell LiPo battery. 72/73 to all and thanks for the QSOs, see you next month.

W9TCR operated crystal controlled with his Bayou Jumper.


Stuck with the Bayou Jumper this month for the 4th of July. Xtal control is more of a challenge. Did not hear any SP calling this month. Be back in August. See you them.


Had another great time in the Sprint this month although band conditions weren’t too favorable. Made all of my contacts on 40 Meters. I appreciate the old-timers who slow down to exchange reports with me, as I’m still working on improving my skills. My 8 contacts were in 7 States, so I was pleased. I look forward to next month’s event. 73, Steve, WA9CWE