Tuesday, October 22, 2019

RESULTS: October 2019 ARS Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: October 2019 ARS Spartan Sprint

Weak, weak signals – mine included – this evening on 40m. Very happy for my 6 contacts. Then about 0130, the party must have moved to 80m. Someday need to build something for that band.  Best signal was KB1M. Thanks for the good ears and nice contacts this evening. 72/73 … Don  

Plenty of signals heard here in South Texas. Worked 8 stations on 40 meters and 4 on 80 meters.It is a pleasure to be able to boost my QSO count now that winter time propagation is approaching. 73, Joe, W5QLF

Pretty good evening: 11 Q's on 40, and 5 on 80m. Thanks! K3 @ 5w, doublet, GenLog.

N3A/4 (K4BAI)
7 QSOs on 40. 4 QSOs on 80. Bands in fair condition, but activity down. My own call is K4BAI and N3A is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the NAQCC QRP CW Club. 72, John, K4BAI.

40 meters only. Used a bare QCX-40 with ear buds and KØMBT's MiniMini 3D printed key. Tried some smaller, lighter batteries this time --> used a pack that I made from ten 2/3 AAA NiMH cells.  Rated 320 maH (probably not really).   Got 3 watts out of the QCX-40 with that setup.   The plan was to search and pounce to make those batteries last for two hours.   But 40m was loooong.   The only one that I heard to pounce on was John - N0TA in CO.    Glad I got John right away because I soon no longer heard him any longer.  I could not hear any of the usual players - all were in too close.  I could hear a QRO special event station in UT who was right in the middle of the 7.040 crowd - heard two WA stations working him - but he never heard my 3 watts and eventually he faded away.  I was waiting to hear Hawaii coming in.   Finally I said damn the batteries - full speed ahead - and started calling CQ  (like that was going to accomplish something?)   The only two RBN spots that I got were in KS.  Did I mention that 40m was loooong?   I did hear one station responding to my CQs at one point, but I could not pull even one letter out of it.  At 0230z my small battery pack said that's enough of this stuff, and shut me down.  See you next month.  73,  Jody - K3JZD

Rig: Icom 7300 @ 5W. Antenna: OCF Dipole at 25 ft.

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. 8 QSOs on 40 and 3 on 80M. Doubles with K9DRP and N3A/4. Best signals:  40M - KEØTT, 80M - K9DRP. Quite a change (in the positive direction) for me from last month. Happy Halloween to all! Had fun.