Friday, January 7, 2022

SCOREBOARD: January 2022 Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: January 2022 Spartan Sprint


Only worked 5: WB5BKL and WB8ZBT on both 40 and 80M, and K9DRP once on 40M. Hardly even heard much other activity - not even John K4BAI. Heard neighbor and friend Mike KD5KC in El Paso briefly on 80M, but no luck. January is the annual SKCC Straight Key Month to work the host of special K3Y stations. This is a big deal trying to get a clean sweep of worldwide K3Y stations. I've heard some of our QRP friends working the K3Y stations. So between SKCC and the holidays, should have more activity next month. Did I mention band conditions were also awful?


Pretty wicked QSB tonight on 40m, but nice level of activity. Thanks for the contacts.  72/73 ... Don


Band conditions were miserable here.  I hope we get some propagation next month.


Thanks again for a fun evening. I worked 2 guys on 40m with a weight of 0.680 pounds. - WVØH Myron


20M dead at the start. 40M OK for 7 QSOs from FL to IL to CA. 80M OK for QSOs from NY to IL to TX. Thanks for all QSOs and Happy New Year to all. 73/72, John, K4BAI.


FTDX-1200@5W. EFHW@15ft, home QTH. First timer for the Spartan Sprint. Will lose some weight for the next try. 73, Nate


It’s been a while.  I just retired a couple of months ago.  I decided I would make the Spartan Sprint for Jan-2022.  I went and dug out my record-holding Spartan Sprint radio (see July 2014 scores).  Several years ago my Great Dane stepped on it.  I had finally repaired it, but all three batteries were dead-dead-dead.  RATZ!  So I cranked down the home station to 5-watts.  Better to get on as a tubby than not at all. Heard some weak activity on 20m, but no contacts after 30 minutes of tuning and calling CQ.  Jumped to 40m and worked WB9HFK in IL, WB5BKL in TX, WA8ZBT in TX, and K9DRP in IL.  Called CQ for about 10 minutes with no further luck.  Jumped to 80m, and worked WA8ZBT in TX again, K9DRP in IL again, caught K4BAI in GA, and WB5BKL in TX again.  Spent the last 20 minutes between 40m and 80m calling CQ with no luck. Really nice to hear some old friends again.  Hey guys, like Arnold says . . . I’m BACK !  I’ve been eying my Spartan Sprint radio some more. Now that I’m retired, I need to get new batteries for it, and I think I can shave the weight down a little more. Last time I weighed it, it was 0.1157 pounds according to my gun powder scale, which is good to 1/70,000th of a pound (1/10th grain). Can I get it down to 0.1000 pounds?  Gunna try.  Stay tuned for Feb-2022. - Vy73  –  Mike  –  KD5KC – WRFF851 –  El Paso – Texas  –  DM6


12 contacts, 1.7 lbs. station weight. Took my rig (HB-1B), cans, cootie, and battery pack to the Post Office today for an official weighing.  Logged 6 contacts on 40, and 6 on 80. Half of my QSOs were from Texas again. Also got Paul, NA5N from NM. WB5BKL made a near impossible exchange with my 3 watt station, but I worked him, K4BAI, WA8ZBT, and KD5KC on both bands. Thanks for the fun! 72, Don, K9DRP


Patience...1 QSO on 20m, 2 on 40m, and 5 on 80m. The first 4 came within the first half-hour of the sprint, the last 4 came within the last half-hour of the sprint. That's a lot of calling and tuning with no results for the middle hour. 20m could have supported more QSOs...I was spotted on RBN around the 0300Z hour. 40m continues to puzzle me but I do have a new antenna planned. 80m has been the "go to" band. Had a two-bander (40 & 80) with WB9HFK, tu, Mark. Thanks to all for the Qs and the opportunity. I appreciate your patience and perseverance. Happy New Year! 72, WIll, NQ2W


What happend to all the people? I was trying my new radio and watching the band scope and only found 2 stations on 40M calling CQ. Thank You  Nick, WB5BKL and John, K4BAI. I saw no other activity on my scope.  After 1 Hr and 15 min and had enough and bailed.


K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp or a 40M dipole. 8 states this time. Best signals: 20M - NQ2W, 40 and 80M - WA8ZBT. Heard but not worked: AB9CA & W5QLF. Doubles with K4BAI, WA8ZBT, NA5N, K9DRP, KD5KC. Terrible noise problem on 80M might be local. Gave up after about 90 minutes. Had fun.


Conditions have been better. My four contacts were on 40m. Calling CQ on 80m did not stir up any activity there. KX3 with a 18650 LiIon battery pack and Whiterook key. 73 - Jody - K3JZD


I was using my RS-918, 6800ma Lithium-ion battery, Antenna 40~10 Mtr EFHW wire. All contacts were made using 2 watts RF out on 40 meters. My 5 contacts were made within the first hour of the contest. Just couldn’t seem to get anymore the second hour. Donnie / WA9TGT