Friday, January 19, 2024



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If it wasn’t for Mark WB9HFK, there wouldn’t have been ANY joy at all on the 40m Spartan Sprint this evening. We can always count on the Power of IL for a good signal and even better ears. 20m was as empty as my piggy bank and I don’t have antenna capability for 80m.  (Actually, not much on 40 either, but we live to please our HOA.) Thank you ARS for maintaining and sustaining our monthly Spartan Sprint. Your efforts are appreciated. 73 and HNY, Don


Activity poor this month.  Maybe too close to the holiday. 20M was open at the start to the west at least. Worked a station in AZ running 100W just before 0200Z.  No answers to CQ SP calls on 20.  So went to 40 and worked 7 QRP stations in W9 land plus PA and VA plus a 75W HB rig guy in CO.  Worked IL and WI on 80M.  Last QSO was very rewarding with QRP station KC4NYK who said it was his first CW QSO.  He has a 5W QCX rig.  Will send him a QSL as a memento.  Happy New Year to all.  73/72, John.


All contacts were on 40 meters. The band seemed long from the start of the sprint. Once again it seemed like very poor participation for the Spartan Sprint. I’m going to say once again that the lack of participation is becoming somewhat discouraging. My radio this month was my Penntek TR-35, Whiterook single lever paddle, 12v 2000ma lithium-ion battery, Apple earbuds. Station antenna is a 80~10 EFHW made from #22 gage poly stealth wire up only 13 ft at its highest point. Donnie Garrett WA9TGT Fort Wayne, IN


All of my QSOs were on 40m.  I was on during the middle hour.  Pretty low holiday turnout.   Four watts with a purpose built 40m QCX Mini, small 500mAH LiPo battery pack, small 3D printed key, and ear buds.    40m Dipole at 25'.    72 - Jody - K3JZD


Thank you to the sponsors of this fun filled activity. Your efforts are appreciated. Conditions at my QTH were poor and did not hear many stations on any band. Looking forward to February Sprint.


Had fun on the first Sprint of 2024.  Can’t say the band conditions were very good, as I made few contacts, but did hear some big signals from the Straight Key night event.  Looking forward to each first Monday this year.  IC-705, Straight Key, G5RV @ 20 ft.  73,  WA9CWE - Steve, Alexandria, IN