Saturday, September 15, 2018

SCOREBOARD: September 2018 Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: September 2018 Spartan Sprint

This is my first Spartan Sprint, and in spite of the Storms and static crashes, I still managed to snag a few contacts.  I wanted to work outside with a homemade SW-40 transceiver, (check out QRZ for picture), but the weather would not permit. 3 contacts from 3 different states. Station weight is 8.8 lbs. Power is 5 watts. I really wanted to try out a few antennas I built outside, but as I said weather did not cooperate. Looking forward to the next sprint. Take care and thank you for sponsoring this event. 73, John N8RVE

My first Sprint and could only devote about 50 minutes tonight.  QRN was bad with storms nearby.  Lots of QSB meant I worked a station who was 339 (barely) and a few minutes later he was a solid 569.  Lots of fun and I will be back for more. 73, Dave N3CI

4 contacts, 30 lbs. of station. My first Sprint with you guys!  All contacts on 40. I worked NK6A the other night (I got my first Fox Hunt pelt from him) but he disappeared before I could work him tonight. I'm hooked. See you next month.

Started off with a bang this evening, making most of my whopping 8 contacts in the first few minutes. But then something good must have come on TV because, not hearing many replies at this point, I tuned around and found that everyone else left the party and left me sitting there in the corner. (Sigh)  Don’t you just hate that?  Thanks for the contacts, both new and old, and will look forward to October. The effort expended by the army of dedicated people who put on this monthly event is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 72 … Don K3RLL

Short SP tonight. Had other things I needed to get done for POTA activation tomorrow. Ran the K3 at 5w to 56 ft vee, peak at 40 ft. All Q's on 40. Got no responses to calls on 20. Ant will not work on 80. SPC's were GA AL MN NH VA NJ MD NH MA TX PA. All pretty close. The band did not seem long yet I got one 40m RBN spot from ON5KQ . . . go figure. Thanks for the Q's. Hope to hear everyone next month. 73 de dave ab9ca

No sprinters heard and no answers to CQs on 20M, although there was some propagation.  40M was pretty good with 19 QSOs. Almost gave up, but got 2 more on 80M near the end.  They were WB5BKL in TX (Thanks for two bands, Nick) and W4QO, about 100 miles away also in GA. Hope for more activity next month.  73/72, John, K4BAI

QRM on 40? But a fun QRP hour; could only get on for Hr #2. 72, ABØCD

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp or a 20M wire delta loop. Very noisy here as several lines of very welcome t-storms passed. It was occasionally very difficult to hear callers - notably John, my only contact on 80M. One QRO contact removed.  9 states this time.  Best signals:  20M - NK6A, 40M - N3CI,  80M - K4BAI. Even with what seemed to be continuous static crashes, I had fun.

Rig: Icom 7300 @ 5W; Antenna: OCF Dipole at 25 Ft.; Weight: ~ 25 lbs. 40M only. Limited time with phone calls etc. Loads of fun - look forward to seeing everyone next month! 72, Mark WB9HFK

Nothing workable on 20, 40 had strong signals out of western PA, OH, IN, IL. Only other state worked was GA, K4BAI who almost always is heard here in NH. Thanks for the QSO's. 72/73, Walt

Do not have 80m on my KX1 so only used 40M. I only heard 3 stations and worked all 3. KX1  2Watts  into G5RV  at 20 feet.

Nothing on 20M, but 3 Q's on 40M. Seems to be the same 'ole same Oh. Thanks to K4BAI, N3CI and NK6A.  We've got to keep meeting like this. 72, Ed - N5EM

Another day and night of local TS activity kept me tied to 40 meters. Thank goodness for dsp! Conditions were up and down. Worked most everyone I heard though. 72s Scott NØAR St.Paul, MN

The ATS-3a was remarkably cooperative this month. My CW was pretty good thanks to the keyer contacts. The batteries appear to be running well. I use a pair of 170 mAh LiPo cells. It makes 3W out, so it is good to go! I am hoping for good 20M CNDX next month! 72 de Andy W5ACM, Houston, Texas.