Friday, March 8, 2019

RESULTS: March 2019 ARS Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: March 2019 ARS Spartan Sprint

Lots of QSB and weak signals on 40m. Heard some that I could not copy a full call sign for. Nothing heard on 80m. Jody - K3JZD

Forty meters was very good for the first 30 minutes or so then I tuned down to 80 and found that band surprisingly good too.  Worked 7 stations on 40 meters and 4 on 80 meters.  K4BAI and NØTA on both bands. Thanks fellas!  72, Joe W5QLF

Bands much better this time. 8 Q's on 40m, 12 on 80m. K3, Vertical, GenLog

Had trouble being heard tonight. Even the Reverse Beacon wasn't my friend. But still had fun. One contact ended up as a long QSO and a new radio friend, so to speak. This is great!  Thanks for the contacts.  72/73 ... Don

Just getting back into radio and first time on the Spartan Sprint in quite a while. My CW is not as fast as it used to be but getting there. Got my first contacts on 40 m right at the start of the night and then three more on 80 m. 40 was quiet but 80 was very noisy here in the Abilene Texas area. Looking forward to next month. Thanks to NK9G, NØTA, and WB5BKL (from Putnam to Burnet). Ron

40M very poor.  QSOs in TX, CA, NH,  Heard NK9G/7, but Rick could not hear me.  Yet, he called me on 80M!  80M in good shape all over. 40M: 4 QSOs.  80M:  15 QSOs. See you all next month.  73/72, John, K4BAI.

Good to hear so many familiar calls. My contact number is inching up even though the bands still seem awful. 80 was the workhorse. First half hour only heard one station. Then things improved. Ants: 80 m loop, 43 foot vert with tuner at base and active RX loop. 40" of snow and minus temps still, winter conditions one last time? 72s, Scott NØAR nr. St.Paul

40 meters started out good but soon went dead for me.  I worked W3KC and K3ESE on 40 and got them again on 80.  (I wish Lloyd would use that same antenna when he's the fox.)  Got to log several new calls this sprint. Used an EFHW for this event - it's a keeper. 73, Don, K9DRP

On the road, poor antenna, only for 40m. Result: not many contacts! Rig was FT-857 at 5W to vertical. RV lot is small so ant is crummy. See ya' next month!

Rig: Icom 7300 @ 5W; Antenna: 40M - OCF Dipole; 80M - 150 Ft. Random Wire

Got a late start and heard nothing on 40m. The following patient and skilled operators pulled me out of the 80m noise: WB5BKL, K4BAI, W3KC, NØAR, and K9DRP. Thank you, everyone!

Equipment weight: KX3 & amp; 4 Amp LiPo at less than 5 lbs. I went out portable in a park in Chandler, AZ. Park is built on top of garbage dump I am told. Conditions were pretty decent, SFI 78-8-1. 10 states. 9 Qs on 40, 6 Qs on 80. My 1st time doing this portable Spartan Sprint and it was fun as all portable ops. Rig was KX3 @ 5 watts. Battery: a 4 Amp LiPo which seemed weak by end of Sprint. Antenna is a 88’ Doublet up at 44’.

Best Spartan Sprint score since last Sept. Thanks for the QSOs. 72/73, Walt

Fun to participate in an SP again. 80 meters was noisy but pretty lively (12 contacts) plus a few on 40. An ice storm had taken down my CF Zepp, so I went with an end fed wire up 15 feet. 72, Chas

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. Quite an improvement on last month - actual propagation!  Had to fix the south end of the 40M extended double Zepp before the sprint - it's now slightly higher (the advantage of using trees for the supports!).  QSOs on 40 and 80M. 10 states this time - and doubles with NØTA, NK9G/7, and NØAR.  Best signal on both bands was KEØTT. Had to give up about 03:30Z or so - too tired.  My thanks to all.  Had fun.