Monday, July 13, 2020

RESULTS: July 2020 ARS Spartan Sprint

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SOAPBOX: July 2020 ARS Spartan Sprint

Back in what was supposed to be ‘cooler’ rural Pennsylvania for the summer, but pretty hot in the northeast right now. But that’s okay, as the heat may get to the ham bands. It’s nice to be up here in the country at 1150 ASL with an actual outdoor antenna. QRP is a lot more fun here than in flat FL with HOA antenna restrictions. Happy for the few contacts made in my half hour this evening as everyone had good signals and I even got a couple good signal reports. Amazing!  See you next month and thanks to A.R.S. … 72, Don

3 QSOs on 20; 14 QSOs on 40.  CQed on 80, but heard not SP activity there.  Until next month, 73/72, John, K4BAI.

20m appeared open, just no activity. 40m a bit noisy due to static crashes. Quit after 45 minutes to save ears!

40m QCX w/500 mAH LiPo Battery Pack running 5w with K0MBT 3D Printed Mini-Mini Key and Earbuds to a 40m dipole.   Seemed like a low turnout this month.   But maybe it was just conditions.  Jody - K3JZD

Two contacts: one on 20m and one on 40m (WB5BKL and NØTA). Elecraft kx1 internal batteries and tuner, 1 watt measured output. I haven't participated in some time now.  I used an 80m inverted V, apex at 80 feet and fed with twinlead. I heard 3 or 4 others who could not copy my 1-watt signal.  I used the same rig during Field Day.  73, Will,  WJ9B

Thanks to all and see you next time. Ken, N4SO

Four contacts (K3RLL, K3JZD, K4BAI, WB9HFK). Another backyard activation for me using the KX3. It was also a 40 meter only operation. When 9pm (local) rolled around I moved up in the 7040-7045 space and started the chase. I managed to coax a few signals out of the aether fairly quickly then hung around until almost 10:30pm but never copied another station in the event. You can’t work ‘em if you can’t hear ‘em. Better luck (and results) next time. Thanks for the Qs and the fun!

Impressive QRN! 40m contacts: NØTA, WB9HFK, K3JZD. 80m contact: AB9CA. It seems the 40m Sprint segment is getting squeezed between digital activity on 7.040 and a net on 7.045 or 7.046. Thanks to all! 72, Evan - Huntsville, AL

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp.  One QRO contact removed. Seven states this time.  Best signals:  20m - K9DRP, 40M - N4SO.  No contacts on 80M.  Nowhere near as good as last month, but ... Had fun.

I started out with good intentions but the advancing TS activity was just too much. So Mark WB9HFK goes in the log as my one single contact on 40 meters. See you all next month! 73 Scott

A lot of atmospheric noise tonight, and 20m was in poor condition.

Ran the IC-7200 at 5w to the wires. Started on 20 and made only 1 QSO. Heard a couple who could not hear me. Moved to 40 and activity seemed sparse there as well. I concluded that prop was not cooperating. Went to 80 and made 1 Q there. Did work 1 QRO stn on 80 but not counting that one. Seemed that condx were rather punk. Hopefully condx will be better next month.  73 de dave ab9ca

Lots of signals on the bands tonight, but I didn't hear many SPers. 20 seemed to die early, but Texas scored me 2 contacts. Was trying to keep the weight down but the cootie was a lot of work for few contacts, so I had to add a couple of lbs switching over to the bug (I should learn to use a keyer). Sorry to the VA3 station I couldn't pull out. I'll work as long as there's any hope to log the contact.  I listened to John, K4BAI work an awful long time to get the power level of one station.

3 QSOs on 40 and 1 QSO on 20. Thanks for the fun guys. 73, Jim W1PID