Saturday, January 11, 2020

SOAPBOX: January 2020 ARS Spartan Sprint

Had two more stations that seemed to hear me okay but I couldn't quite copy their call signs. Really need to get something to get on 80m.  40m wasn't all that bad this evening but it sounded like the party moved to 80m after about 20 minutes. Many thanks for the effort by the A.R.S. Staff put into making this monthly event continue.  Happy New Year ... Don

Not much activity. 40M not too good. Heard but could not work AB9CA/7 and KFØN. 80M quite good to most areas. Thanks to W2LJ and WB9HFK for 2 bands. No signals on 20M at start. Thanks for all QSOs and Happy New Year to all.  73/72, John, K4BAI.

CWops CW Academy Monday night class ended at 03:30z. Got the ATS-3 set up on 40m and tuned up and down. No signals found. Called CQ SP  from 3:45 - 3:55. Mark, K5GQ

Elecraft K2 at 3.3 lbs. 5 watts with a half square antenna for 40 meters from Alabama. Thanks to Spartan Sprint operators: WB9HFK, KB1M, AB9CA/7, Ken N4SO

K3/10 @ 5W to a 40M extended double Zepp. It was a quiet night here at Lake Buchanan... One contact on 40M - thanks AB9CA/7 and two on 80M - thanks K4BAI and WB9HFK. Worked all I could hear. Gave up after about 90 minutes. Hoping for more activity and better propagation in February. Oh well. Had fun.

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