Thursday, September 7, 2023

SOAPBOX: September 2023 ARS Spartan Sprint

Rig: Xiegu X6100 @ 5W Antenna: EFHW @ 30 Ft. Weight: 30 Lbs. Checking out new rig!

Pretty light turnout this evening. Must have been something good on TV? Thanks for the contacts; mostly regulars and a few new (at least to me). Nice. 72/73 Don

Well, it helps if you get started at the right time. I was late again tonight. Rig was K3 at 5W to inverted vee. 40 was the main band, 12 contacts there. 4 on 20 and 3 on 80. Only two bander was WO9B on 40 and 80. Prop seemed pretty good. I was getting quite a few spots but the noise was somewhat high on 40 and 80. Thanks for the fun and we hope to see everyone next month. 73 de Dave AB9CA

40 meters was hot. Conditions were phenomenal.  A new ham joined us in the park for the company and we all had a great time.

All of my QSOs were on 40m. 40m was sort of all over the place this evening for me, which was nice. Four watts with a purpose built 40m QCX Mini, small 500mAH LiPo battery pack, small 3D printed key, and ear buds. 40m dipole at 25'. 72 - Jody - K3JZD

Got a late start and no activity heard on 20M or on 80M.  All QSOs on 40M. Thanks for each one.  72, John, K4BAI

This is quite a change from the last 2 months.  On the first Monday for both July and August we had tremendous lightning storms during the entire Spartan Sprints. Today there are no storms within 150 miles, so why are the bands so noisy? Before the SP I listened to all the bands that I have filter modules, 80, 40, (30) and 20 meters. All of these bands had noise levels more than S-5 and 80 meters was the worst. To save rig weight I just stayed on 40 alternating between S & P and running. I was asked about my station so here it is in brief:  The transceiver is a lightened Steve Weber designed ATS-3 using homemade paddles and earbud and for the power supply an 800 mah single cell LiPo with a battery boost.  The antenna is a diamond shaped 160 meter horizontal loop at 35' fed with 40' 450 Ohm ladder line, a 9:1 balun and another 25' of RG-58 into the shack. The sad part is, I now have 13 connections between the RF jack and the antenna. I measure the output power with an inline meter between 2 switches. Hopefully the WX will allow more participation in the future.  72/73 to all and thanks for the fun, your good ears and for the QSOs. Phil, K4PQC

Another fun filled Spartan Sprint. Most of my contacts were on 40 even thought I had a noise level of S7. Here is a tip for reducing weight.  Remove all the knobs, feet, and cabinet panels that you can from the QRP rig. Shorten the cable from the key to the rig. Use the rig speaker instead of earbuds. Use the smallest battery that runs out of power just as the event ends. None of these reduce much weight but together they can help. Thanks again to the sponsors. LONG LIVE QRP AND THE GUYS THAT MAKE IT HAPPEN. Regards, Gerald / WA9AGG

Thanks for the contacts. I used a MultusSDR Proficio with 5 watts output to a 1/4 wave vertical with base and radials at 6 feet height. The weight of a 20 amp linear power supply and Vibroplex bug puts me in the tubby division! 72, Bob, AF5Z

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