Monday, December 11, 2023

SOAPBOX: ARS December 2023 Spartan Sprint


Had fun, but the band conditions in Central Indiana were the worst in my 18 months of Sprint participation.  Only made 2 contacts with regulars, but didn’t hear many of those who I usually contact.  I guess the RF gods weren’t looking favorably upon me!  Anyway, looking forward to the new year and hope for better conditions.  IC-705, G5RV at 20’, straight key.   73, Steve, WA9CWE  Alexandria, Indiana


What an evening!  40 meters was the pits but it was my only band filter available. The noise measured with the K4 after the Sprint was over S-5 with what sounded like a sawtooth or motor running.  This was atmospheric noise and I heard it on all my antennas. Most of my time was spent running on 7041.0 and I only made 2 QSOs S&P. I was spacing out the CQs to conserve battery power which also might make fewer Ops hear my call. Because of the noise it took several tries to complete the Qs and I apologize to "FZR" as this was the only part of the call I copied before going into the noise. My first contact was WB9HFK and I heard Mark making several Qs but couldn't copy those he worked. 72/73 to all and hope next month (year) will be better, Phil K4PQC


QSO's: 5 all on 40m in first hour


Station weight: 0.316 pounds 

RIG: Modified ATS III. 

POWER: 2 Watts

Battery: 7.4V 720mAh LiPo

ANTENNAS: Trap inv vee 80/40, fan dipole 20/15/10. up 30ft.


Station weight breakdown

ATS 3 in Altoids tin: 2.2oz

Battery:   1.35oz

Earplugs: 0.4oz

Modules 80/40/20: 0.3oz

Paddles: 0.8oz

TOTAL WEIGHT 5.05 oz = 0.316 pounds

I tried S&P and running. All the contacts made were good copy but I heard few stations. Thanks to all. 72 de N4HAY


Thank you to the sponsors of this fun filled activity. Your efforts are appreciated. I stayed on 40 meters the entire Sprint since the other bands had little or no activity. The noise level at my QTH was S8 and I only made 6 contacts.  There could have been calls below the noise and if I missed some I apologize to those folks for not making the QSO.  Hopefully the January Sprint will be more successful. If not, that’s OK, it will still be a lot of fun.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. 73, Gerry, WA9AAG


I was using my K1 at one watt with internal ATU, 800 mAh LiPO and attached minikey to a doublet. Only one station heard on 20M, but 40M was in good shape. 73, Gene N5GW


One of the worst nights I have had working the Spartan Sprint for a good while. I hear very few SP operators during the entire 2 hours period. Plus a lot of normal CW QSO’s on or very near 7.030 along with the annoying on and off 7.040 MHz heterodyne. Only had 2 contacts logged in going into the second hour. Band just seemed weird last night. All my contacts were on 40 meters, no luck on 20 meters at all. My radio equipment was my Venus SW-3B, Whiterook paddles, 12v 2000ma Lithium-ion battery, and earbuds. Antenna is a 80~10 Mtr EFHW that’s not up very high. We need far more  participation in the monthly Spartan Sprint! A Google email group might greatly help promote the monthly contest but I’m just not familiar with setting it up myself. 73, Donnie / WA9TGT


The bands seemed pretty flat tonight. I was running my homebrew XCVR at 5 watts and I operated 20,40,80 meters with a dipole on 20 and remote tuned doublet on 40 and 80. Only 6 contacts. Tubby division. 73 - Jerry - WØPWE


No Spartan Sprinters home tonight on 20m, even though a net there had good strong signals. But 40m had a few, and all heard had good signals. Big signal tonight was Gene N5GW and his One-watt thunderbolt from MS. Gene was just booming into FL tonight.  Happy for my three contacts in a light field. My thanks to the complete staff of ARS for the fun all these years. 72/73, Don, K3RLL

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